foldable tumbler two color mold design


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If you are tired of the coffee cup that you carry with, takes up too much space in your bag; if you are troubled because your water cup is too large and too heavy, then the folding portable cup will be the best solution for you! Furthermore, the two-color folding portable cup will give you more choices!

The advantages of 2k foldable tumbler:

  • Say goodbye to the consumption of disposable drinking cups, very environmentally friendly!
  • Adopt rotary closing method, high sealing, no leakage!
  • The height is only about 5cm after folded, it can be stored in the bag or even in your pocket, very portable!
  • Removable parts for easy cleaning!
  • The use of environmentally friendly materials, the cup body is food grade TPE, does not contain BPA or heavy metals
  • While the lid is made of thermoplastic (PP) without plasticizer
  • Both the cup body and lid are heat-resistant and can heat beverages in the microwave! (The lid needs to be opened when heating)
  • The choice of multiple colors to decorate your life and light up your mood even more!

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