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Advantages of the stack-turning technology:

  • Highly complex parts can be produced on a single machine
  • The clamping force of the machine can be halved
  • Cavities can be doubled
  • Production cycles are significantly shorter

The core of the mold rotates in 90° steps, enabling multiple production steps to be carried out simultaneously. The high variability of this process offers higher production performance with significantly shorter cycles.

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China stack turning mold maker

The advantage of the cube technology over other mold technologies is that the number of cavities for the same machine size can be doubled. Or in other words: for the same production lot, the size of the machine is almost halved.

In the stack turning technology, the mold rotation is performed with a horizontal rotary device in the form of a center plate. Plastic parts are produced in the first parting plane. When the mold is opened, they remain on the side of the moving center plate. For a fully opened mold, the center plate is rotated 180° and placed in the second parting plane. After closing again, the second component is injected in the second cavity where the parts are located on the center block.

When using stack-turning molds with 4 × 90° rotation, stations 2 (operator side) and 4 (non-operator side) can be simultaneously used for further production steps.

For example, station 2 can be used for cooling the molded parts and station 4 can be used for removal by a robotic system. Both functions take place without affecting the cycle time. Alternatively, station 2 can also be used for mounting (in-mold assembly) inside and outside the system.

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multi component cube mold

rotating stack mold

Cube mold technology is distinct from traditional co-injection, because an inner layer is initially molded on one side of the cube, then rotated 180 degrees where the outer layer is over-molded. Both molding stages operate as conventional injection molding processes, which is simpler to set up, maintain, and run continuously in comparison to a more complex co-injection system. It’s comprised of two standard molds, with stacks designed to accurately and repeatably produce the individual layers of the part!

Cube mold technology provides competitive cycle times, this results in a dramatic reduction in part cost. We Focare, as innovative suppliers who bring state-of-the-art capabilities to high volume multi injection molding systems!

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