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For the 2k parts with large dimensions, if rotary two-color injection molding is designed, machine used for injection molding will be very large, weight of mold is calculated in tons, general rotary two-color injection molding machine cannot meet production requirements. If overmolding or translation two-color is designed, then two sets of molds with same size need to be designed, which will greatly increase cost of mold, is not conducive to automation and high-efficiency production.

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2k pitcher mold

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For two-color plastic parts, in addition to a small number of two hard plastic two-color parts, most two-color plastic parts are composed of hard plastic parts and soft plastic parts. Hard plastic parts are generally made of PP, ABS, PC and other materials. Hard rubber part is generally made of PP, ABS, PC and other materials. Strength and hardness of this kind of hard glue material are good. When plastic part is assembled, it can meet strength and use requirements of plastic part itself, but for contact parts, hand feel and texture are relatively poor; soft rubber part is generally made of TPU, TPE, characteristics of this type of soft rubber material are that material strength and hardness are low, but material is soft and softness of hand is very good.

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There are many plastic parts use PA+GF material, basic characteristics of PA+GF: self-lubricating, high strength. PA has good fluidity during molding, but molding shrinkage rate is large, resulting in poor product dimensional stability; Glass fiber has good heat resistance and is a high-grade insulating material with good insulation, which is suitable for production of thermal insulation and fireproof materials.

Main points of two color mold design of the parts with PA+GF material :

  1. As long as GF material is added, front and rear mold cores need to be heat-treated materials (S136).
  2. In the case that rear mold needs to be exactly same, machining accuracy and life are required to be higher than front mold core, so heat treatment hardness of front mold core is HRC48~52°, and heat treatment hardness of rear mold core HRC58~60°.

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two color insert molding

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Well, as we all know there are two ways to make the 2 colored part, one is by double shot injection at one time, second is by insert over molding, need further secondary molding processing. But why some parts can only go ahead with the insert molding? while some parts can go with the both two shot injection & over molding?? Well, it should depends on the product design!

If you have a new project of 2k molds, then pls come to us. We can do the custom of your requirement. Or even you have only the thought, no details 2D or 3D drawings of the part, no problem, we’ll do the good two color design for your choose!

Let’s start with a trial mold, then you’ll know what we can do for you!


two color water pitcher jug

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As we know by two molds injection with over molding system, the locating of inner colored part will be the big problem, as we need to manual or use robot system to pick the first colored part out from the first mold, and then put it to the second mold to have the second shot injection! So if the first colored part move, then sure you’ll get a higher rate of defective parts.

We Focare Mould, with years experience of two color molds making & two colour molding, we already found the best solution to solve the locating problem of the first color part while for over moulding system! Greatly boost quality output!

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