bi materials kitchen waste bin foldable design


YUEYI Mold, China top dual component mold maker, offer foldable kitchen waste bin in two color mold design, double colour folding plastic bins, bi materials folded garbage can!

If you often cook by yourself or work in the kitchen, then you will definitely wIsh to have a waste bin that is within your reach! As normally kitchen bins are either on the ground or inside the closet very near the ground! But in fact, this has caused us a lot of troubles, especially when we need to clean up some greasy things or the things maybe with water! And because of the height difference, we often throw garbage out of the trash, or we need to bend down to throw the garbage!

Jingle! Now is the moment to rescue you! Because we have developed a wall-mounted kitchen trash bins!

  • You can hang it directly on the cabinet door, or you can use a non-marking sticker to attach it to the cabinet door!
  • In addition, because it is a bi material design, it can be folded to save space and no need to worry about bumping!
  • Large caliber, easily store different kinds of kitchen waste!
  • Lateral opening design, garbage is not easy to spill.
  • Super bearing capacity!
  • Also it is suited for variety of scenes, like bathrooms, kitchens, offices, and even for car use!

Our genius design team always has all kinds of ideas, but the only thing we insist is to design the plastic part and mold construction from the perspective of our customers! So we will solve the foreseeable problems during the design stage! And it will save a lot of time for mold re-machining and maintenance in the future!

Here we’re sincere invite your first order to see our quality, also to see what we can do for you, if you’re still looking for the good bi material mold maker in China!


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