multi cavities thin wall stack mold

thin wall stack mold china maker
thin wall stack mold

YUEYI Mold, China precision mold maker, quality offer multi cavities thin wall mold, thin wall stacking mold, stack thin wall box mold, high speed hamburger mold, fresh container stack mold

Our molds with top quality and stability running contribute a lot to domestic & worldwide high speed thin wall molding industry. Our company insists on innovation of technology, products management. The complete effective manufacture system, strict supervision manufactur with reasonable price and good quality. If our molds cause any problem due to technical skill, we will free to repair for you at anytime.

We YUEYI solve your production problem to save your cost, to make your business better, not only sell you the double stack thin wall molds.

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plastic spork stack mold

China stack spoon mold maker

Focare Mould, China precision mold maker, quatity offer plastic cutlery stack mold, disposable spork knife hamburger mold, plastic fork stacking mold, folding spoon in mold closing

Stack Molds are a series of molding faces “stacked” together to create multiple faces or levels for molding. Each level or face is a parting line and produces molded product.

The benefit of stack molding is to increase the output of a given molding machine and operation. In many cases, parts with a large projected area can be converted or built in a stack mold configuration, doubling the output of a given machine.

Special machine considerations are required to run stack molds, however Focare’s technical team are well versed in providing guidelines and recommendations to ensure success when adopting a stack mold strategy.

Focare provides stack molds in 2, 3 and 4 level configurations based on part designs and volume requirements.


hamburger mold laundry rack

Focare Mould, China hanger mold maker, quality offer stack mold clothe hanger, clothe rack hamburger mold, 2 component coat hanger mold, multi shot laundry rack mold, plastic hanger!

Clothes hanger molds make use of high volume stack mold technology, to dramatically increase the productivity of a molding cell. For standard injection molding machines, Focare can provide complete stack mold solutions, that include proper support of the mold center section from the machine clamp frame, as well as incorporating centering devices and fully balanced hot runner solutions, that enable consistent production from all cavities in the mold.

One of Focare’s value added capabilities is melt flow analysis which plays an important role when it comes to ensuring proper filling of certain parts such as clothes hangers.

We Focare also custom you two color drying rack mold with quality and delivery!

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culture dish stack mold

petri dish mold

Focare Mould, China medical mold maker, quality offer petri plate stack mold, laboratory petri dish mold, culture dish injection mold, hamburger lab dish mold, incubation plates!

Labware molds are developed through innovations in hot runner and mold base technology. Focare has a reputation for delivering fast cycling, high output tooling solutions that have successfully served the medical markets demands of labware and petri dishes.

With the use of Focare’s innovative stack mold technology, high volume medical items like petri dishes, benefit from increased productivity maximizing plant capacity.

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thin wall ice cream box mold

China iml mold maker

Focare Mould, China thin wall mold maker, quality offer ice cream box in mold labeling, thin wall food container mold, high speed iml ice cream pot mold, disposable plastic tub mold!

Thin wall container molds at Focare, provide enhanced consumer safety and product integrity- paramount in food and medical packaging. Plastic part performance must now deliver security and extended shelf life to avoid product spoilage.

Co-injected packaging has now moved into food packaging for beverages, food containers and consumables. Focare provides co-injection tooling based on skilled technology and systems in conjunction with industry leading partners. We have experience in building tooling solutions from single cavity molds to stack molds.

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