two color mold 5 gallon caps

YUEYI Mold, being China first rate two color molds manufacturer,quality offer 2K moulds 5 gallon water bottle caps, automatic two shot molds 5 gallon closures, two component plastic bottle cap mold, two shot five gallon bottle lids.

PP +TPE two component design for LDPE 5 gallon bottle caps, TPE inside the water cap part, to have it more tight fitting with the plastic water bottles, to prevent any leakage problem!


pp tpr 5 gallon jug lid mold
2k 5 gallon cap mold

For PP caps or HDPE 5 gallon caps, may have the two colors design as above picture showed!

We’re able to custom the product design for your special two color 5 gallon closures. Specialist manufacturing multi component water bottle caps & closures!

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