two color translucent jug mold

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There are many plastic parts use PA+GF material, basic characteristics of PA+GF: self-lubricating, high strength. PA has good fluidity during molding, but molding shrinkage rate is large, resulting in poor product dimensional stability; Glass fiber has good heat resistance and is a high-grade insulating material with good insulation, which is suitable for production of thermal insulation and fireproof materials.

Main points of two color mold design of the parts with PA+GF material :

  1. As long as GF material is added, front and rear mold cores need to be heat-treated materials (S136).
  2. In the case that rear mold needs to be exactly same, machining accuracy and life are required to be higher than front mold core, so heat treatment hardness of front mold core is HRC48~52°, and heat treatment hardness of rear mold core HRC58~60°.

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