2 colour clothes rack mold

two color baby hanger mold
2k baby hanger mold
two color hanger mold
2k hanger mold

YUEYI Mold, China top rank 2 colour mold maker, offer you quality 2k coat hanger mold, plastic hangers bi injection, two component clothes rack mold, PP & TPE drying rack double mold!

Hanger body: 

Product dimension: width 44mm * height 17mm

Product weight: 75g

Mold cavity: 2+2cav

Gate: 8 tips hot runner point gate


Hanger head: 

Product weight: 11g

Mold cavity: 8+8cav

Gate: 10 tips hot runner point gate

Plastic material: PP+TPE

Steel: core/ cavity 718H with hardness HRC30-33

Machine: FCS 280T table rotary machine 

Compared with the single-color hanger, the two-color hanger has TPE on the shoulder, which increases the friction with the clothes, so it can prevent the coat from slipping when hanging! At the same time, because of the softness of TPE, the coat will not be deformed by the rigid PP shoulder while drying!

2 color products are becoming more and more popular now, because they are much more better than the single color parts and make up for its shortages! Also it has the better out-looking !

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