multi component power tool housing mold

YUEYI Mold, China experienced bi material mold maker, quality offer multi shot electric tool shell mold, 2 component motor operated tools mold, two tone power tool enclosures mold, double colour drill handle housing mold

Our Services:

  • Lead Time:   Starts at 5 business days, including fast quote responses with DFM feedback if customer required
  • Materials:   Most plastics, including custom sourcing and matching
  • Machines Available:   Single color and multi colors injection machine are ready for testing
  • Tool Ownership:   Customer-owned with mold maintenance
  • Mold Cavity Tolerances:   +/- 0.005″ when machining the mold
  • Critical Feature Tolerances:   Tighter tolerances can be requested and may increase the cost of tooling because of additional sampling and grooming. YUEYI will mill to a steel-safe condition on critical features.

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