multi shot plastic barwares mold

multi shot barwares mold

YUEYI Mold, China experienced multi component mold maker, quality offer dual shot beer pot mold, bicolors tea kettle mold, double injection fruit bowls, dual mold soda cups, 2k wedding cups mold

YUEYI Mold make multi injection molding tools and templates from 718H, H13, 1.2738HH, etc. Additionally, we offer standard SPI finishes, 3D texturing and a range of etched textures.

Each of these material types will have distinct advantages for certain applications. Considerations include:

  • Cost of the raw material
  • Durability and resistance to corrosion or abrasion
  • Machinability
  • Ability to take a high surface polish
  • Time required for heat treatment
  • Expected multi component tool life

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