two color photovoltaic panel drainage buckle mold

pp tpe double photovoltaic buckle mold

YUEYI Mold, China experienced dual mold maker, quality offer two color photovoltaic panel drainage buckle mold, core back ssytem photovoltaic panels water clip 2k mold, 2 component water drain clips solar panel mold, bi mold solar panel draining clips

YUEYI Mold factory serves with over 50 employees on production area, which is producing multi component plastik injection molds in desired technics requirement. Our multi component molds can be using at automotive, white goods, pharmaceutical inudstry, agriculture industry, cosmetcis, detergent, mineral oils production sectors.

Our working prinsiples
design work: customers’ current design, we’ll check and give our reliable suggestions for the multi component molding to have it ready to install prototype.

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