dual injection plastic latching box

YUEYI Mold, China top dual mold maker, quality offer multiple color sneaker box mold, dual injection plastic latching box, twin shot shoe box mold, two tone storage rolling box mold.

Over the years, we YUEYI has trained a team of excellent product design and molding design professionals. It also has the ability to improve quality of molding design and shorten cycle of mould design.

  1. Digitized Drawing – Converting three-dimensional product and die models into two-dimensional engineering drawings for conventional processing;
  2. Digitized design of moulds: according to product model and design intention, relevant three-dimensional solid model of dies and moulds is established.
  3. Digitized analysis and Simulation of mould-structure, thermal, fatigue and motion of die parts are carried out according to product forming process conditions.
  4. Product forming process simulation-injection and stamping;
  5. Customize standard parts and standard design process suitable for company’s mould design;
  6. Mould production management.

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