multi color engine oil bottle pilfer proof lid mold

China two color oil cap mold
2k oil cap mold

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Two-shot molding, sometimes called double-shot molding, is a manufacturing process that uses two different materials to produce complex molded parts by molding plastic around preformed metal or plastic inserts. The process is relatively simple; one material is injected into the mold to make the initial part of the product, followed by a second injection of another material that is compatible with the initial injection molded part. The two plastic resins then form molecular bonds, and the multi-resin molding is cooled and ejected.

Two Shot Mold is an ideal process for complex, multi-material, multi-color plastic products; especially in mass production scenarios. Other advantages include:

  • Lower unit cost.
  • Reduce costs and waste associated with assembly defects.
  • improve product quality.

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