bi material squeeze tubes cosmetic cap mold

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What factors need to be considered for unscrewing mold making?
When you need one of these types of plastic molds, there are several things you have to determine to make sure you get the right fit for your product and budget.

  • The Threads

The number of threads is going to vary based on the final product. Water bottles do not require a high thread count because they are relatively light and should be easily removed. If the unscrewing mold is for a plastic part under the hood of a car, it needs to have a higher thread count to be more durable. The number of threads required plays a large role in the final cost of production, so it needs to be tested to ensure it meets the needs of the final product.

  • Applications and Maintenance

High volume, reliable unscrewing plastic injection molds are some of the more complex plastic injection molds that can be manufactured. Unscrewing plastic injection molds are typically utilized for high volume applications where threaded plastic parts are needed for items such as:

ㆍBottle caps
ㆍShampoo bottles
ㆍPharmaceutical Supplies
ㆍAutomotive parts
ㆍNuts and bolts
ㆍCosmetics packaging
ㆍMedical Supplies
ㆍConsumer goods
ㆍSprinkler heads, lawn & garden parts
ㆍContainer lids

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