double material twist dispense closure mold

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Two-shot molding frees the designer’s creativity. However, the following factors should also be noted in the product design process.

  • Choose the right material.

1 ) The core material can use low viscosity materials to reduce the injection pressure.
2) Consider from the perspective of environmental protection. The recycled material can be used as a core material.
3) Optimize the product according to the characteristics of different materials. For thick parts, the finished skin layer uses soft materials. The core material uses hard or foamed plastic to reduce weight.

  • If the material is not chemically compatible, the two materials can be integrated by mechanical interlocking.
  • Maintain proper draft angle, uniform wall thickness and smooth transition lines.
  • The surface of the part should be flush or slightly lower than any adjacent substrate surface.
  • The surface of the substrate is textured to improve the adhesion of the two materials.
  • The mass ratio of the two materials should not be too large. Factors such as material forming time and injection pressure should be considered.
  • By increasing the contact area of the two parts, the weld strength of the two materials can be enhanced.

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