rotary mold squeeze bottle snap caps

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Compared to other methods of plastic molding, two-shot is ultimately a more cost-efficient way of producing an assembly with multiple components. Here’s why:

  • Part Consolidation: Two-shot injection molding reduces the number of components in a finished assembly, eliminating the cost in development, engineering, and validation that associated with each additional part number.
  • Improved Efficiency: Two-shot molding allows multiple components to be molded with a single tool, reducing the amount of labor needed to run your parts and eliminating the need to weld or join components after the molding process.
  • Improved Quality: Two-shot is carried out within a single tool, allowing for lower tolerances than other molding processes, a high level of accuracy and repeat-ability, and reduced scrap rates.
  • Complex Moldings: Two-shot injection molding allows for the creation of complex mold designs that incorporate multiple materials for functionality that cannot be achieved through other molding processes.

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