double material SWR plumbing seals mold

multi shot seals mold
2k orings mold

YUEYI Mold, China top double shot mold maker, quality offer multiple component round water seals mold, twin shot SWR pipe sealing rings mold, two injection drainage gasket, double material SWR plumbing seals mold.

Over the years, YUEYI invested time, money and resources to make plastics mold design more and more evolved.

The construction of a product accompanies the creative intuition of the designer towards complete satisfaction consumer’s or final user’s tactile, aesthetic and functional requirements. It does not matter if the object is a simple component or if it has a defined unique use, or if it is a product that must meet many requirements that represent its success. Putting themselves in the customer’s shoes, so to speak, means at YUEYI being fully aware of this.

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