multi shot contact lens display box mold

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While multi component molding technique offers several benefits – such as cost-efficiency and versatility – you need to work with your vendor to ensure the process is right for your project. Here are four areas of focus that factor into successful multi-material molding:

  • Part Design: To save yourself money and time, you should discuss your part’s design with your manufacturer. Not all materials are compatible, and certain joint designs may not be suitable for this process.
  • Tooling: You want to work with a trusted mold-maker. Multi-material molding is a complex process, and you need to be sure the tool can accommodate the impact of varying materials and adheres to each material’s specifications.
  • Material Selection: The characteristics of the resins and other materials for the project must be able to support the stress of the part’s mechanical function, thermal conditions, and potential chemical exposure.
  • Manufacturer’s Expertise: Obtaining the insights of an expert injection molder can ensure you receive a high-quality part from this complex process.

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