two tone long link safety chains mold

YUEYI Mold, China multi material mold maker, quality offer dual colour long link safety chains mold, multi injection link fencing garden barrier, bi shot garden chains mould!

When looking to work with an injection mold manufacturer, quality control is a process that ensures customers receive quality mold thus to have the quality products.

We YUEYI not only offer you the quality mold, also we can help do the two color molding. A customer’s biggest fear is to have a manufacturer create their product by the thousands and then there happens to be a massive recall from a defect that could have been avoided. At YUEYI, we have quality control procedures in place from the beginning to the end of the manufacturing process that will meet or exceed our customer’s requirements.

Anyway, if you’re still looking for the good double component mold maker in China, we can be your another good choice!


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