double color snap on caps no spill


YUEYI Mold, China top dichromatic mold maker, quality offer multi k snap on caps no spill, twin component 5-gal jug cap mold, duotone replacement plastic lid mold, twin color seal cap!

As you begin questioning the companies that you are considering using, there are three primary considerations:

  • Mold materials used by the company
  • Sampling employed by the company for quality
  • Typical shipping and lead times you can expect

We YUEYI guarantee will use the quality steel exactly the same as we quoted you, not like most Chinese mold makers cheating in steel! If you do trust, or we can cut you a small piece of the steel for your any lab testing!

All our projects are carried out in an orderly manner. Every month or even every week, we will provide you the progressing report if you need, so as to ensure the delivery time of the mold!

Anyway, if you’re still looking for the good dual shot mold maker in China, we can be your another good choice!


Your good choice to have the quality mold in China!