bottle carrier grip mold

binding handle mold

plastic bottle carrying handle mold

Focare Mould, China cap mold maker, quality offer bottle belt mold, plastic bottle handle lifter grips, bottled water lifting handle mold, carrying grip injection mold, grips mold!

Normally we will choose DIN1.2344 imported steel as our cap mold core/ cavity part, if customer no special requirement!

Different technologies are employed in different cap mold components and steels to assure better polish and long mold life time. After vacuum quenching, the hardness of the core/ cavity of cap mold can reach to HRC45-48, and ejecte pins can up to HRC55!

We are dedicated to make the quality caps closure mold:

  • hinged closures mold
  • flip top cap mold
  • twist open/close cap mold
  • unscrew cap mold
  • multi shot cap mold

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