plastic paint barrel mold

China mold IML bucket

Focare Mould, China bucket mold maker, quality offer plastic paint pot mold, Turnkey IML painting containers system, automation pail bucket molding, paint pails in mold labeling!

Specialized cooling technologies that can be used to increase the productivity of our bucket molds:

  • Optimized cooling channels following 3D part geometry based on heat transfer simulation
  • Steel alloys that have high rates of thermal transfer
  • Use of copper alloy inserts at key positions where feasible

Also we Focare is able to provide you the Turnkey IML pails molding systems:

  • Design of plastic part and label
  • Qualified mold & sampling
  • Pilot cell run
  • IML automation with running labels
  • On site system integration of mold and automation in production machine

Anyway, if you’re still looking for the good paint pails mold maker in China, I’m sure we can be your another good choice!


Your good choice to have the quality mold in China!