eye drop cover mold


YUEYI Mold, China cap mold maker, quality offer eye drops seal cap mold, ophthalmic drop closure mold, eyewash bottle caps, tamper proof eyedropper closure mold, eyedrop tips mold!

Custom caps & closure molds are developed with YUEYI’s 3D part design capabilities for closure product development, prototyping, and mold design. We provide customers with a knowledgeable resource in customizing high performance technologies to challenging closure applications.

Our wide range of custom closures includes:

  • unscrewing (servo driven available)
  • collapsing core
  • bump-off
  • flip-top (in mold closed)
  • personal care
  • cosmetics
  • multi-material closures

YUEYI provides full support through an experienced design team that has done a huge number of different custom caps and closure mold applications!

With our combination of high productivity solutions, advanced mold design and manufacturing capabilities and innovative closure expertise, YUEYI is the logical choice for your next custom closure project.



Your good choice to have the quality mold in China!