free drop snap top closure mold


YUEYI Mold, China cap mold maker, quality offer cosmetic flip mold, multi shot flip top cap mold, detergent snap closures, flip top mold for plastic bottles, edible oil flip caps!

Part design, prototyping, Turnkey systems, stack molds and hot runner flexibility for multi-gate parts are all offered by YUEYI in the development and manufacturing of free drop closure molds.Free drop closure molds have been developed and provided by YUEYI for many flip top applications. Built-in flip tops allow users to open and close product easily improving part design appeal. With the smallest possible pitch in the mold design, Focare offers the highest cavitation mold solutions running at the fastest cycle times.

Precision becomes a key characteristic for free drop flip top molds since the living hinge has to be a precise thickness!

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