two color gumbrush picks mold


YUEYI Mold, China top two injection mold maker, quality offer bi material gum brush picks mold, dual colour interdental toothpicks, 2k rubber dental picks, interdental brush multi injection!

Multi material injection molds and multi component molding have grown significantly. The advantages of applying this technology are not only esthetics, but may be driven by part functionality, or to enhance part design features, or simply to add quality to the part or reduce downstream part assembly cost.

Multi material injection is not specific to one technology and is driven by part design and can be performed by different mold design techniques such as: internal pull-back core/slides, rotating stripper plate, indexing transfer plate, turntable, and robotic transfer from cavity to cavity or mold to mold.

We YUEYI provide rotary molds, cube molds and in mold automation to efficiently perform multi-material processes.

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