two color flip tear off caps for tablet bottle


YUEYI Mold, China top two shot mold maker, quality offer two color flip off caps, 2k tear off medical closure, double mold flip cap pill bottle, 2 component flip seal caps for vial bottle!

We YUEYI, a global manufacturer of multi-cavity multi shot production molds, has added multiple new machines recent years to increase productivity in our dedicated space to develop pilot molds.

Million dollars have been spent in equipment for the development, including new equipments such as advanced technology close tolerance milling and turning machines, universal grinders!

Such pilot mold for double injection offers flexibility regarding effect on speed and cost to custom tailor the mold design and prototype mold materials to suit project needs, including accuracy, shrinkage and cycle time.

This represents a huge advantage for our customers looking to take advantage of Focare’s multi component Turnkey services: from part concept, finished part design and prototype tool to the production tool.

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