pp n tpe pet bowls collapsible


Focare Mould, China top bi colour mold maker, quality offer two color pet drinking bowls, pp n tpe pet food bowls collapsible, multi shot foldable dog feeding bowl, multi component portable feeder bowl!

We do mold flow analysis of each project before the mold making, and this allows our design team and tryout shops to build a foundation of understanding that enables the multi shot molds they build and test to perform at the highest level possible!

By understanding the molding process from the plastics point of view, our mold designers understand what goes on in the mold cavity as plastic flows, pressurizes and cools.

To use the datas from within the mold cavity so actual in-mold data of pressures, flow rates, balance and cooling rates can be observed to allow analytical problem solving, instead of trial and error, which will waste too much time then!

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