bi shot anaesthetic face mask

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The new design of anaesthesia mask takes into account the comfort of the patients to the greatest extent while using, as well as their safety!

two color anaesthetic medical mask

  • Lightweight mask

Provides enhanced grip and comfort in use for the clinician!

  • Anatomical shape

Provides a precise fit for different face types and sizes. Minimum pressure required to achieve an effective seal reducing the risk of inadvertent trauma and nerve damage

  • Crystal clear body

Provides excellent visibility for confirmation that the patient is well perfused

  • Flexible non-inflatable cuff

Provides a comfortable and effective airtight seal

  • Safe and secure connection

This is achieved between the mask and the breathing system in use!

  • Reduced mask volume

Reduces potential re-breathing and risks associated with elevated levels of end tidal CO2

  • Color-coding

The comfortable, flexible seal is color coded to allow quick and easy identification of the correct sized mask

  • Reduced waste

Available without a hook ring

  • Low environmental impact

Non-PVC and phthalate free

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