two color pediatric medical mask mold

two color pediatric oxygen mask mold
2k pediatric mask mold

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While compared to traditional PVC masks, now the new materials used — PP + TPE can have much more light weight of the mask, which will be more comfortable for the patients! At the same time, it will greatly reduce the impact on the environment!

  • Soft, incurved nose seal

Eliminates need for separate nose clip and prevents oxygen from entering eyes

  • Unique construction

Equalises the pressure on the nose and conforms the seal to a wide range of face shapes

  • Flexible panels

Allow mask to expand sideways to accommodate wider faces

  • Soft chin seal

For smaller faces the lower seal is positioned under the chin.

For larger faces the lower seal is positioned on the chin.

  • The flow through the mask is designed to flush exhaled gas and minimise CO2 rebreathing!

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