rotary mold adult high concentration oxygen mask

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The chin section of the mask has been extended and two integral seals ensure that the mask fits a wider range of face shapes. A unique valve system combines exhalation and safety valve functions in one design.

It can be the lightest and most comfortable mask in the world!

  1. Incurved nose seal
    Conforms to different nose shapes designed to prevent oxygen entering patients’ eyes
  2. No metal nose clip
    MRI compatible
  3. Two integrated safety valves
    Allows patient to breathe room air in the event oxygen supply failure
  4. Soft face seals
    Increased patient comfort
  5. Elastic can be positioned under or over the ears
    Below ear position eliminates trauma to top of ears
  6. A choice of “under chin” or “on chin” positions
    Provides a better fit on a wider range of patient face shapes
  7. Improved sealing
    Higher oxygen concentrations


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