2 component adult medium concentration oxygen mask

double mold anaesthetic face maskFocare Mould, China top two component mold maker, offer 2k medium concentration oxygen mask, double injection adult aerosol masks, two materials disposable anesthesia mask !

With the unique design of the masks provide improved patient comfort:

  • Soft, incurved nose seal

Eliminates need for separate nose clip and prevents oxygen from entering eyes!

bicolors adult oxygen masks

  • Reinforced side seals

Side seals have been reinforced with ribs, which provide support while allowing the seal to mould itself to the side of the nose!

double colour adult mask venturi

  • Exhalation ports

The shape and position of the exhalation ports have been designed to minimize the amount of re-breathed carbon dioxide!

2k TPE pp medium concentration oxygen mask

  • Unique construction

Equalises the pressure exerted on the nose as the seal conforms to differing nose shapes!

adult aerosol mask injection mold 2k

  • Adaptable

On large faces the mask fits under the chain.
On small faces a second inner seal fits under the chin.

two shot anesthesia mask

  • The elastic can be fitted either above or below the patients’ ears, eliminating discomfort!

two materials sentri mask

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