bi colors plastic funnel mold design

two color funnel mold
2k funnel mold

YUEYI Mold, China top multi material mold maker, offer plastic funnel injection mold 2k, double colour funnel mold, folded funnel two color mold design, bi material funnel mould supply!

Turnkey 2K Mold Systems that are ready to go when they hit the production floor without being restricted to one system component manufacturer: this is what YUEYI’s unique capabilities make possible.

YUEYI is able to provide complete integration of mold, machine, product handling, temperature controller and other auxiliary equipment. With this service, there is no need to separately source the part design, 2k mold, two color injection molding machine, product handling, robotics and related equipment from different suppliers. Furthermore, with Turnkey 2k mold system customers are not required to invest countless hours in debugging their system when it arrives at their production floor. No more lost production time in getting all the individual equipment working together.

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