bi material baby potty for car & home use

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If your kids need to go to the toilet when you drive on the high way, if your kids need to go to the toilet when you’re in the traffic jam in the city, then what to do ?? If you let your kid pee or poop in the car directly, it will cost you a lot of car washing fees! At the same time, there will always be an unpleasant smell in your following journey!

Here comes the solution for you! A bi-material baby potty for your car use!

bi material baby potty seat

And the advantages is:

  • considering the kids safety while you’re driving, strengthen the seat belt fixing

two color baby toilet seat for car use

  • TPE anti-slip design, at the same time, will not damage your car seat!

bicolors baby potty mold design

  • Rinse-free for quick and easy cleaning! After kids pee or poop, take the bag directly and throw it away! Also here has a sweet design, to hold the bag into the two sides TPE plug!

plastic double mould closestool seat

  • And it can be folded to save your car space!

two colour potty seat used for car


  • In additionally, it can be also used for home!

2k tpe pp baby potty training seat

Product design is the start of all successful programs, especially for multi materials projects. We Focare with our genius design team aim to offer you the quality two color molded part at the very beginning !

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