2k lens tail lamp mold


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Because of the lens tail lamps’ raw material is PMMA, and mostly is two color transparent, which need to have a light distribution requirement and reflective pattern!

multi shot auto lamp mold
2k auto lamp mold

So what are the main points to achieve a good 2k lens mold??

  1. fixation of the first color molded part
  2. whether the second color injecting over flow?
  3. is the combination of the two colors firm?
  4. air venting problem
  5. the ejection while the raw material not full filled the part
  6. the two mold cores should be exactly the same
  7. the mold cavity should leave enough space to help sealing the final part while second color injecting!
  8. the steel at least should be NAK80 with hardness HRC37-43

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