2K moulds rubber window cleaner



YUEYI Mold quality offer 2K moulds for rubber window cleaner, shower squeegee clear two color mold, bi color mold glass wall cleaner die, two shot shower wiper TPR glass scraper, die moulds window cleaning squeegee multi injection!

multi component window scraper handle mold

Mold name: 2K brush handle

Plastic material: PP+TPE

Product dimension: 21.2 X 28.9 X 108.9mm

Product weight: first color 19.7g, second color 3.9g

Mold cavity: 4+4cav

Mold injection: 8 tips hot runner point gate

Mold steel: core /cavity Nimax/2738HH with hardness HRC34-37

Mold dimension: 900 X 600 X 546mm

Injection machine: FCS 280R


Mold name: 2K window cleaner

Plastic material: PP+TPE

Product dimension: 201.5 X 207.66 X 59.5mm

Product weight: first color 30.9g, second color 6g

Mold cavity: 4+4cav

Mold injection: 10 tips hot runner

Mold steel: core/cavity 718H with hardness HRC30-33

Mold dimension:900 X 710 X 441mm

Injection machine: FCS 280R

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