Flip top cap mold unscrew demoulding


product name: flip top cap 

product info: 3.6grams & 26mm neck dia.

plastic material: PP

mold cavity: 8cav

mold injection: 2 tips hot runner to submarine gate

mold dimension: 845*410*530mm

cycle time: 16s

Check following mold testing video:

Hydraulic cylinder drive the rack structure, to realize flip top cap unscrewing demoulding.

While by oil motor, core rotating at the same time unscrewing, products need to float up to realize demoulding, so can be faster cycle while with hydraulic cylinder, mold more stable manufacturing for future long time!

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Two color mold design flip top cap,

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2 thoughts on “Flip top cap mold unscrew demoulding

  1. Alax Pol

    Unscrewing system is common used in Mold structure for product with deep threads, Drive by motor and by hydraulic cylinder are the two main ways of unscrewing system, then what’s the difference and which situtation use motor which situation use hydraulic cylinder?

    • luciah0629

      Hi boss, it should depend on the bottle & cap fitting requirement! If it has the fixed location requirement, then need cylinder to control the exact location you want! If no, then use motor will be ok!

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