Mold making mentality

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Most new clients after receive our quote, will complain high price, or even disappear without any word. I just want to say:

Without profit, after services and innovated mold construction design will be gone at the same time!

Customers may calculate the steel cost, please also add following:

  • R & D cost
  • after services cost
  • mold guarantee cost
  • workers cost
  • company management cost

Our factory is not so large at this moment, neither too much workers, but each with years molding experience and strictly selected. Compared to big company, we spend more time and money on above top three items, rather than management. So except real steel cost, cost of R&D, after service and guarantee is the main.

We are sincere to service you, on the base of profit to my honest. Of course profit space can be reduced, but no disappear. Otherwise, services provided can be together disappear with profit.

Anyway, if you’re still looking for the good quality mold maker in China,

pay more attention on molds long time manufacturing and easy maintenance,

please contact with me.


Your good choice to have the quality mold in China!