crate molds china|high speed crate mold tray mold

Offer crate molds for milk crate, vegetable crate, fruit crate, bread crate, fish crate, etc. crate molds with interchangeable design, with different height / size / design of holes of the plastic crate article.

Crate mold steel:

718H with HRC30-33 is suggested as basic, with 400k mold guarantee.

Crate mold design:

We are using unique mold design which ensure mold functioning perfect!

Crate mold advantage:

1. We make standard mold base for all molds which could ensure complete crate mold’s accuracy.
2. We put wear plates on all surfaces might be worn easily. So our crate molds are durable and easy maintenance.
3. Most important thing is we don’t allow workers to touch parting line surface, it means complete mold are making by high speed and precise CNC milling!
4. Other thing is to make sure all steels we get from suppliers are as per our standard! We will test all steels by ourselves before tooling.
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