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Multi-Gating leverages 2 or more hot runner gates per part to improve part filling. The benefits include moving the gate closer to end-of-fill, reducing the overall flow length. The light-weighting potential depends on the aspect ratio of the part, but multi-gating has demonstrated part weight reduction by up to 15%.

Focare’s ability to custom design and manufacture the hot runner makes it feasible to offer effective multi-gating for a variety of applications.

Also we Focare custom you the bi material molds to upgrade your storage containers:

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Working with Focare has provided customers with an assurance of working with a team of thorough professionals. Focare’s engineering strength combined with excellent customer care are among the many characteristics that have helped customer with various projects.

Mold standardization and the scalability feature have been a success with some of our mold programs. In Engineering Focare is willing to undertake analysis over and beyond basic services offered.

We Focare handles and supports every project(small or large) with the same level of enthusiasm.

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Obviously, folding parts are now the trend! Whether it is a storage box for house hold use or a plastic basket for the transport useage! For convenient storage, at the same time, to save more space! So here let me introduce you a foldable storage box:

  • surely it can be folded to reach only 10cm, more than half of the original height
  • after our genius team’s design, we have it light weight but strong enough to hold kgs
  • ok for two ways transporting: one is after folded, but if customer prefer to ship with its original height, it is also ok!

And usually in this case, what we are most worried is that the clips are damaged due to by force during transportation! But we Focare has foreseen this happening and already made adjustments in the part design! We make the clips completely closed while the box nesting with box itself !

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Product dimension:

small size: 172.9 X 243.3 X 127.1mm

medium size: 233.1 X 398.5 X 180.4mm

large size: 555 X 360.7 X 211.8mm

Plastic material: PP

Weight: small size 211.6g; medium size 502.5g; large size 1245.7g

Steel: core/ cavity P20H with hardness HRC28-30

Gate: 2 tips hot runner point gate

Injection machine: small size 250T, medium & large size 450T

Delivery: T1 in 60 days after mold design confirmed by your side

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In-mold labeling is a cost effective solution for the decoration of plastic containers. It removes the need for post-mold labeling and requiring less manufacturing floor space.

In-mold labels work well in injection mold applications, providing the ultimate “no-label” look on the part shapes. These labels provide superior graphic reproduction, with a high degree of product security because of the lack of delamination. IML film labels are regrindable and recyclable, increasingly important in today’s state of environmental consciousness.

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