multi injection waste bottle traps

2 component water plumbing fittings basin mold

Focare Mould, China top bicolor mold maker, quality offer dual injection water plumbing fittings basin, two shot sanitary ware mold, multi component basin waste drainer mold, 2k traps.

What factors will affect the cost of a mold?

The Core Metal
If the production run is shorter and if the mold will be for short-term use, we Focare prefer P20 steel in this case, the process is much better. If a project requires a mold to last for several years, in this case stainless steel could be the best choice.

Machining of the Core/Cavity
Every mold requires customization for placement of cores, cooling lines, ejectors, cavities, and many other components. The steel in the tool will also affect costs; hardened steel molds offer the longest product life and are more expensive to machine.

Except the above, also there will be the mold base, number of cavities & complexity of the part.

Anyway, if you’re still looking for the good double material mold maker in China, we can be your another good choice.