food dispensing closures mold

food dispensing closures mold

Focare Mould, China caps closure mold maker, quality offer food dispensing closures mold, silicone dispensing valve snap caps, snap on flip top caps mold, dispensing bottle lid mold!

Focare is an export of making customized plastic cap mold manufacturer in China mainland. As per customer’s product design, we mostly make the shampoo cap mold, bottle flip top mold, condiment flip caps mold, etc.

For flip top cap mold, part design is a key factor for the mold success or not. We help customer to check their cap part design for making the real mold possibility or not, especially checking for the cap hinge design, hinge open and close movement steps in mold and cap ejection, etc.

Also our strengths is to customize the two color flip mold!

If you’re still looking for the good cap mold maker in China, we can be your another good choice!