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Aiming at this type of two-color/multi-color soft and hard rubber products, let’s share experience of designing two-color product soft and hard rubber exterior molds. Common defects and problems in appearance of soft and hard rubber of two-color products: Soft rubber of second color product is covered with burrs

  1. Mould strength: insufficient mould strength, which causes deformation of mold plate during injection molding, which will cause burrs;
  2. Product shrinkage: Shrinkage creates a gap, which is prone to problem of soft rubber drape, and warpage of hard rubber product after mold is opened is easy to crush when second color product is injected;
  3. Injection pressure: when soft rubber is injected, injection pressure will squeeze hard rubber product;
  4. Fixed mold packing force: it is possible that product sticks to fixed mold, deforms product or causes product shell to separate;
  5. Insufficient avoidance: Second color fixed mold and hard rubber part are insufficiently avoided, and avoidance height is not enough to cause crushing;
  6. Temperature problems: uneven cooling of hard rubber products causes product deformation;
  7. Product structure: Product itself has design defects, and designer cannot find problem in the early stage with insufficient experience.

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