co injection lotion sealing screw lid

multi shot cosmetic screw caps mold

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Despite the many benefits of overmolding, a few disadvantages need to be considered before deciding to use this process.

  • Multi-Step Process – Overmolded parts are made in a two-step process. This increases part cycle time and is thus more expensive than molding a single part with no overmolding. This also requires two tools or a complex two-shot mold with increased upfront costs. However, when the alternative is to create two separate injection-molded parts and then assemble them after the fact, overmolding becomes a value-added solution.
  • Debonding – Bonding two different materials together in an injection mold runs the risk of delamination. This typically happens if the temperatures are not in the optimal range for the specific material combination. In some cases, mechanical interlocks may be required when materials cannot be reliably bonded together using heat.

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