multi shot veggies strainer mold


Focare Mould, China top multi k mold maker, quality offer multiple injection collapsible colander, dual component space save strainer mold, turntable over the sink veggies plastic mold!

Depending on your industry and part, you may have special requirements that will limit your options when it comes to working with manufacturers in terms of standards and grades of plastic. Medical, industrial, and electronic parts all have their own requirements. Further, the application of the part will further impact part design, specifications, and plastic selection. Here at Focare, we pride ourselves on comprehensive mold making from assisting in prototype development, tooling design, tool construction and testing, parts production, and parts maintenance.

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two color over the sink arm colander mold


Focare Mould, China top multi color mold maker, quality offer bi injection arm collapsible colander mold, dual shot over the sink strainer mold, double component squish plastic dish drain!

Costs are not the only consideration, particularly for the injection molds, but this aspect does tend to be a major factor in determining where businesses will choose to send your manufacturing order.

However, there are a few other factors, such as easier communication and better response times. As we should know that language plays a considerable role for this! The mold maker must first be able to understand your expectations and requirements for your two-color project! This requires the mold maker not only to have good communication skills, but also to master the professional knowledge of injection molds!

Fortunately, we Focare Mould has invited sales who are proficient in Spanish, Russian and English. At the same time, they have over ten years of experience in the injection molding industry on average!

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