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China fabricante plastico molde

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Workshop clean up everyday, all the tools and parts must be put in order,

everything is under very good control and management.

We believe good working environment makes more efficiency,

fasten mold delivery at the same time !

die mold maker China

With the real quality steel, strict heat treatment and serious control,

we promise to offer you top quality molds.

We focus on mold construction design, insist making mold durable and easy maintenance !

Chinese mould factory
china mold maker quality mold manufacturer

All of our molds, we make standard mold base,

to ensure complete molds’ accuracy.

At the same time, greatly shorten mold delivery. 

All spare parts import branded ones,

e.g. JunFan cylinder from Taiwan,  Japan Daido springs and Korea Samsol springs, 

Brevini hydraulic motor from Denmark,etc. To avoid some stupid mistakes happen. 

We’re sincere to invite your first order, to see our quality and performance !


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These two years, we invest a lot in injection machines and new CNC,

to increase quality, shorten delivery and reduce the mold cost.

Haitian servo motor machine single color

We now have 2 sets Haitian 250T single color machine for testing!

Taiwan FCS FU Chun Shin 2k table rotary machine

One set FCS 280T table rotary machine!

2k mold axis rotary machine

And one set Beston 350T axis rotary and high speed special customed machine!

2k tooth brush machine axis rotary

Axis rotary machine testing for two color tooth brush mold.

China precision mould top maker

CNC engraving and milling machine

We have 5 sets CNC engraving and milling machine.

China mold workshop

We have 9 sets high speed CNC machine to reach 0.02mm!

high speed CNC

3 sets HAAS from USA and 3 sets KAFO from Taiwan!

high speed CNC

And 3 sets Chinese local brand!

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